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Pixar’s “Inside Out” Understands Emotions

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The most recent film release from Pixar Studios Inside Out, is an animated study of emotion – their bothersome presence as well as their value to inform. All too often we interpret emotions such as sadness or fear as something to be avoided, as something negative. But the folks at Pixar through animated storytelling provide a view of our emotions that reveal them as helpful to and organizers of our thinking, even essential to our moral code and social behaviors. The film makers consulted with two eminent experts on emotions (Paul Ekman and Dacher Keltner) and as a result, most of what they portray in the movie is an accurate representation of how our emotions operate. Being a Hollywood film, there are embellishments and some things made up (spoiler alert: Imagination Land).

We offer a series of articles about the film that clarify the role of emotions and which concepts are made up and which are accurate. Hats off to Pixar for helping many people see the benefits and richness of the range of human emotions, from joy through anger, sadness, disgust and fear.

screenshot from the movie inside out showing the character fear
screenshot from the movie inside out showing the character sadness
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