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BOOK REVIEWS and MENTIONS for Mind Over Mood 2nd Edition

Book Reviews

British Journal of General Practice (BOOK REVIEW)

For those not experiencing mental illness the book can be read from the point of view of learning general life skills and it does indeed have the potential to invoke a more positive and pragmatic approach to one’s way of thinking.

Family Medicine Journal (BOOK REVIEW)

(excerpt from Book Review by Dean Gianakos, MD, Family Medicine Journal, Vol 49, No. 2, pg. 148-149, February 2017)
Mind Over Mood provides effective cognitive techniques for patients to develop a more balanced view of themselves, to challenge the automatic thoughts, assumptions, and core beliefs they dearly hold. Mind Over Mood has many great features, including: (1)clear organization and structure, (2) readability, (3) analogies to supplement explanations…(4) summaries, helpful hints, questions, worksheets, and exercises that reinforce learning for patients, (5) excellent chapters on specific problems…(6) helpful sections on mindfulness, assertiveness, gratitude, forgiveness, and positive psychology .For physicians like me who are looking for ways to prevent burnout in these chaotic times in medicine, the greatest benefit I had reading and underlining the pages in this book was what I learned about my own cognitive distortions, assumptions, and biases. I gained a renewed sense of self, one that is mentally and emotionally more flexible to challenge core assumptions and beliefs about myself, spouse, patients, colleagues, and friends–and electronic health record administrators!”

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (BOOK REVIEW)

…Lots of useful questionnaires to guide you on how to use the CBT methods to overcome challenges in a pragmatic way. Mind Over Mood is not what I would call an easy read, but instead provides strong tools to learn the proven methods of CBT. Used as part of a wider therapy with a trained mental health professional, this book could make a big difference in the journey to wellness.

The Psychiatry Resource (BOOK REVIEW)

Len’s Star Rating: 10 out of 10. The best self-help book on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for adults.

Readers who want to learn skills for balancing their thoughts, having less extreme emotional reactions, lowering their anxiety and experiencing happier moods would likely enjoy Mind Over Mood.

Mind Over Mood is the best self-help book on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for adults.

Rhode Island CBT (BOOK REVIEW)

The opportunity to learn and grow with this book is enormous, given all the information, validation and clear CBT concepts that it presents….People can learn about common thought distortions and how they create intense moods (from anxiety to shame) and impact their beliefs about themselves, others, and the world. We can then evaluate and challenge those thoughts, learning to develop new, balanced, alternative beliefs.

Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care (BOOK REVIEW – not available online)

(excerpt from Book Review by Scott Steen, Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care, Vol 5 No 1 August 2016)
“How refreshing it is to find a book which soars above the rest and systematically engages the reader to make real and long-lasting change. A workbook that has proven to be very popular, finding its place in and amongst the essential reading lists for anyone suffering with a common mental health problem….The format and structure of this book is clear, accessible, well-paced, and engaging. The content is clearly cross-referenced and the reader is guided every step of the way, allowing it to suit their own individual needs….Perhaps of greatest value is its reflexivity, with helpful hints and constant mood check-ups available to emphasize the importance of verifying whether the techniques used are beneficial. Each chapter is accompanied by a series of case scenarios which are constantly revisited throughout the book, creating an air of familiarity and a feeling that you are not alone in working through these worksheets. I found myself reading these case scenarios with great interest, eager to find out how each individual resolved their issues using the techniques described in this book. Another strength of this book is the way it communicates the message that negative thoughts are a natural component of the human experience, and to deny their influence and presence would be unwise. Instead, the reader is encouraged to accept and incorporate these thoughts into their daily lives, creating alternative and balanced thinking patterns that are more realistic and constructive. Mind Over Mood is a well-executed and systematic approach for teaching and developing the skills in evidence-based CBT techniques. The content is accessible, easy-to-follow, and makes use of several helpful hints to boost enjoyment and success with the book.”


PsychCentral (MENTION) – Listed as one of 12 Best Books About Anxiety 2022
Best Therapist-recommended book: Mind Over Mood


Numerous worksheets throughout the book mean that you can get to work on the skills you learn about right away. Then, you can review your work at the end and see just how far you’ve come in a short period of time.

> Exercises like gratitude journaling and emotion-rating scales
> Incorporates mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy
> Addresses anxiety along with depression, anger, and low self-esteem

Verywell Mind Website (MENTION)

> Very informative
> Effective techniques and guides
> Well-written
> Expert authors

> Requires significant time commitment

    Parade Magazine listed Mind Over Mood ​as one of the 40 best books for depression (MENTION)

    “Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, this book helps readers calm their mind and become more confident….Dennis Greenberger and Christine A. Padesky outline how to set goals, become more mindful, and practice self-acceptance.”

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