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Videos we made for therapists that may be of interest to readers of Mind Over Mood. ​Visit this page often. We plan to post more videos and audios here.

CLICK HERE for Notes and Tips After Watching MOM2 Readers Playlist Videos


MOM2 Readers Playlist from YouTube

Notes and Tips After Viewing our MOM2 Readers Playlist

  • In our video, “What is …?” Padesky briefly describes Mind Over Mood, 2nd Edition by Greenberger & Padesky (2016). She offers 2 warnings to readers. ​The book includes Reading Guides that direct readers to the skills most important in managing depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, and shame.
  • After watching “Supercharge Activity Scheduling” – GET Activity Schedule Exercise
  • After watching “Is Therapy Helping – Measuring Change” – GET WORKSHEET 15.1
  • After trying the 5 Minute Rule, consider looking over the questions on Worksheet 13.5 from Mind Over Mood, 2nd Edition (To get the worksheet, follow the link provided by the publisher at the bottom of page vi). Ask yourself these questions. Can I draw any conclusions? What activities can I plan for the coming week? What further action plans can I develop?

Evidence-based Treatment
What Does it Mean? Run time 2:43 min

“Evidence-based” Treatment: What Does It Mean?

Aaron T. Beck Meets the Dalai Lama

“Buddhism and Cognitive Therapy have many features in common (Aaron T. Beck, MD). “That we call exactly analytical meditation (14th Dalai Lama).


Listen to Dr. Padesky’s “Managing Your Moods” interview on Routledge podcast.
R​un time 8:20 min.

How to Think and Feel More Positive.
A 6 minute interview with BBC Radio 4 Jane Garvey. Padesky runs through the skills of CBT to help us cope with anxiety and stress. Recorded December 22, 2015.

Listen to an interview with co-author Dennis Greenberger, PhD in discussion with Julie Osborn, LCSW. Greenberger shares how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changed the world and how he’s seen it help people across his 45+ year career in CBT. Also includes some key CBT tips and techniques from the book Mind Over Mood that you can start using right now. Run time 40:58 min

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