2nd Edition Mind Over Mood


  • Translation rights have been granted in 22 languages. If you are interested in acquiring translation rights to the 2nd Edition, contact Guilford’s Foreign Rights & Translations Division
  • Arabic (Jarir Bookstore) – Publisher Link
  • Bulgarian (Iztok-Zapad Publishers) – Publisher Link
  • Chinese-Complex (Big Forest Publishing Co. LTD) – OUT OF PRINT since 2021 – no longer available
  • Chinese (simplified) (Beijing Multi-Million Electronic Graphics & Information Co.,Ltd. / formerly called China Light Industry Press) – Publisher Link
  • Croatian and Serbian (Naklada Slap) – Publisher Link
  • Danish (Forlaget Klim) Publisher Link
  • Dutch (Pearson Benelux BV / pearsonclinical.nl) – Publisher Link
  • French (Thierry Souccar Editions) – Publisher Link
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: it has come to our attention that in 2021 the French publisher reissued the 2nd edition under a new title and with a new cover. Please be assured the contents are identical.
    • 2017 French translation: Changez Vos Émotions, Changez Votre Vie is OUT OF PRINT (cover list below)
    • 2021 February reissue: Le Grand Livre Des Thérapies Cognitives Et Comportementales
    • Worksheet Location https://www.thierrysouccar.com/exercices-du-grand-livre-des-tcc​​
  • German (Junfermann Verlag) – Publisher Link
  • Greek (Broken Hill Publishers) Distributor’s Link
  • Hungarian (Edesviz Kiado) Publisher Link (2019 cover posted below)
  • Italian (Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson) – Publisher Link  (published with 2 different covers – current cover posted above)
  • Japanese (Sogensha Publishing Co Ltd) – Publisher Link
  • Korean (Hakjisa Publisher) – Publisher Link
  • Malay (Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia) – Publisher Link
  • Polish (Jagiellonian University Press) – Publisher Link
  • Portuguese (Brazil; Artmed) – Publisher Link
  • Russian (Piter Publishing House) – Publisher Link
  • Spanish (Guilford Press) – Publisher Link
  • Spanish (Ediciones Paidos Iberica S.A.) – Publisher Link
  • Turkish (Altin Kitaplar Publishing House) – Publisher Link
  • Ukraine (Naukoviy Svit) (expected publication 2025)
french translation of the second edition of mind over mood 2017 edition
2019 hungarian translation of mind over mood 2nd edition
cover of italian translation of the second edition of mind over mood
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