3 stacks of mind over mood second edition books

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Here is the publishers proof of Mind Over Mood, 2nd Edition, Chapter 1 in PDF file format.

2nd Edition Table of Contents

A Brief Message for Clinicians and Interested Readers
List of Worksheets

  1. How Mind Over Mood Can Help You
  2. Understanding Your Problems
  3. It’s the Thought That Counts
  4. Identifying and Rating Moods
  5. Setting Personal Goals and Noticing Improvement
  6. Situations, Moods, and Thoughts
  7. Automatic Thoughts
  8. Where’s the Evidence?
  9. Alternative or Balanced Thinking
  10. New Thoughts, Action Plans, and Acceptance
  11. Underlying Assumptions and Behavioral Experiments
  12. New Core Beliefs, Gratitude, and Acts of Kindness
  13. Understanding Your Depression
  14. Understanding Your Anxiety
  15. Understanding Your Anger, Guilt, and Shame
  16. Maintaining Your Gains and Experiencing More Happiness


stack of mind over mood books

Photo Credits: Kathleen A. Mooney, PhD.

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