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Well Being: Beck at 90: Not the retiring type

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Aaron T. Beck, MD, has been a long time resident of Philadelphia. He founded the original Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania in the late 1970’s and has been developing new ideas, theories and research on CBT ever since. He turned 90 years old the summer of 2011 and the press wrote a feature article about him.

The journalist begins the article by comparing Beck to Joe Paterno referring to the days when Paterno was considered a football genius throughout Pennsylvania. Please note that the reference to Joe Paterno was made long before any allegations of wrong doing were uncovered about Paterno. It clearly was the intent of the author to use this comparison in a flattering manner.

From Well Being: Professor Beck at 90: Not the retiring type:

“Happiness experts say that one of the keys to fulfillment and contentment is to be engaged in meaningful work. That’s certainly the case with Beck … Declares Beck: “90 is the new 70.”

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